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The latest publication that was featured in the Forbes article, "New Research Uncovers The Group Of Voters Who May Not Be Participating In Presidential Polls…And They May Determine The Election," can be found below.

Don E. Schultz and Martin P. Block
Northwestern University
"Maybe They Deserve Each Other"
August, 2016

Much has been written, and likely will continue about the almost unfathomable presidential campaign of 2016. From the confusing and seemingly uncontrolled series of "debates" to the farcical primaries to the final "show business driven" resolution that came from the RNC and DNC conventions, this has clearly been one of the most uninhibited presidential contests in recent memory (or probably even before that). Claims, counterclaims, goading, nagging, whining, abusive comments and everything in between seem to be the order of the day. And, all presented on the global stage of "instant news" with television coverage for all the world to see.

While prospective voters watched the antics of the candidates, often suggesting their opponents were "crooked", unreliable, petty, out of control and perhaps a bit unbalanced, it may well be that, based on research we have done recently, a large portion of the electorate seems to have many of the same qualities. They just don't have the airtime to makes their voices and foibles heard.

Considering what is happening in the candidate arena, we thought perhaps it is time to investigate the spectators, that is, those who make up the voting units the candidates are trying to woo. Those will be the ultimate decision makers in this "ship of fools" democratic process the U.S. calls a "presidential" election.

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