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Prosper Technologies develops software applications that provide consumer-centric analytics
to business decision makers for better forecasting consumer demand, allocating marketing dollars,
tracking consumer behaviors and understanding cross-shopping patterns. Prosper Technologies solutions are also available via tablet app.

Prosper Technologies Automated Solutions:

Data Vault—Provides single, normalized point of access for data from disparate sources. It facilitates creation of applications that integrate data from multiple proven and trusted sources.

Data Engine—Proprietary software that allows for easy integration of internal, public and third-party datasets. It calculates real-time, complex analytic tabulations and supports automatic trending of data. The engine is rapidly scalable and easily expanded.

InsightCenter™—Advanced platform for the visualization, customization, and delivery of key insights allowing you to make the critical decisions you need to make for your business with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen.

Data API—Enables computer programmers to easily access the Data Engine's capabilities over the Internet. Using industry standard web service technologies, the Data API makes it possible to integrate with virtually any custom web or desktop application created using any common application development platform such as Java or .Net.

Data Widget—makes it easy to embed individual charts in websites or other web applications. The Data Widget supports a variety of chart types including bar charts, gauges and time series charts. Data Widgets can be configured to update automatically whenever data is updated in the Data Engine data store, so the embedding site always displays the most current data.



Prosper Business Development
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